Cook County Small Business Grants: A Guide

In this blog post, I will explore seven small Cook county small business grants.

Cook County Small Business Grants
These grants aim to help businesses recover and grow, providing financial assistance to those who need it most during these challenging times.


Whether you’re a startup looking for seed funding or an established business aiming to expand, grants can provide the much-needed capital to turn your dreams into reality.

1. Grow Grant

The Grow Grant is a lifeline for small businesses that have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This grant aims to help businesses recover and grow, providing financial assistance to those who need it most during these challenging times.

2. BRITE Program

The Cook County Department of Environment and Sustainability (DES) has established the Businesses Reducing Impact on the Environment (BRITE) program.

This program not only helps businesses reduce their environmental impact but also offers grant funding to support their green initiatives.

3. Chicago Recovery Grant for Community Development

The Chicago Recovery Grant for Community Development is a fantastic opportunity for community developers or property owners.

This grant aims to strengthen local communities through improvement projects, fostering a sense of community and promoting local growth.

4. Leadcare Cook County

Leadcare Cook County is a program that supports a safe and healthy learning environment for children.

It offers free lead service line replacement for licensed child care providers located in suburban Cook County, ensuring our children’s safety and well-being.

5. Small Business Down Payment Grant Program by Bank of America

The Small Business Down Payment Grant Program by Bank of America provides a grant of up to 50% of the required down payment on SBA 7 (a) and SBA 504 loans for owner-occupied commercial real estate in Opportunity Zones within your city.

This program can significantly reduce the financial burden of acquiring commercial real estate for your business.

6. Comcast RISE Grant

The Comcast RISE Grant is a unique opportunity for BIPOC-owned small businesses in Chicago and Cook County.

This grant aims to promote diversity and inclusion in the business world, providing financial assistance to businesses owned by individuals from historically marginalized communities.

7. Cook County Small Business Pandemic Assistance Grant

The Cook County Small Business Pandemic Assistance Grant is designed to help small-business owners in suburban Cook County who saw their revenue evaporate during the coronavirus pandemic.

This grant provides much-needed financial relief to businesses affected by the pandemic, helping them stay afloat during these difficult times.

Therefore, there are numerous grants available to small businesses in Cook County.

These grants can provide the financial assistance needed to start, grow, or sustain your business.

However, it’s important to remember that the availability and requirements of these grants may vary.

Always check the official websites or contact the grant administrators for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Best of luck with your business endeavors!

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