A Guide to Idaho Small Business Grants

In the last article I covered Pennsylvania small business grants. In this comprehensive post, I will explore the various Idaho Small Business Grants.

Idaho Small Business Grants
An Infographic On Idaho Small Business Grants.


As an aspiring entrepreneur or an established small business owner, you know that securing funding is crucial for growth and success.

Fortunately, the state of Idaho offers a range of grants and incentives specifically designed to support small businesses. The Idaho small business grants opportunities include:

1. Idaho Broadband Grant Program

The Idaho Broadband Grant Program aims to enhance internet access and connectivity across the state. By providing funding to public organizations, this program supports the purchase of broadband infrastructure, equipment, and services from private internet service providers.


  • Public organizations seeking to improve broadband availability.
  • Projects that address gaps in broadband coverage.

2. Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

The CDBG program focuses on local infrastructure development, creating a conducive environment for businesses. It supports projects that enhance economic growth and job creation.


  • Counties, cities (with populations under 50,000), and service providers (e.g., water and sewer districts).
  • Projects that align with community development goals.

3. Idaho Gem Grant

The Idaho Gem Grant targets small communities, aiming to improve infrastructure, remediate blight conditions, and create economic development opportunities.


  • Communities with populations of 10,000 or less.
  • Projects that enhance community vitality and attract investment.

4. Rural Economic Development Professionals Program

This program provides state funds to employ full-time economic development professionals in rural areas. In fact, these professionals work alongside local boards to drive economic growth.


  • Rural areas seeking to strengthen economic development efforts.
  • Entities committed to job creation and business expansion.

5. Wild Rivers Grant Program

The Wild Rivers Grant Program focuses on promoting whitewater river tourism, ensuring safety, and improving user facilities. So, if your business operates in this niche, explore this grant opportunity.


  • Businesses related to whitewater river tourism.
  • Projects that enhance river-related experiences.

6. State Trade Expansion Program (STEP)

The STEP program encourages small businesses to explore global markets. It provides resources for export-related activities, including trade missions, market research, and international marketing.


  • Small businesses looking to expand internationally.
  • Companies seeking to increase export value.

7. Rural Community Investment Fund (RCIF)

The RCIF finances infrastructure improvements in rural communities. So, it prioritizes projects that contribute to business development and job creation.


  • Cities (populations under 25,000) and counties/Tribes in rural areas.
  • Projects aligned with economic development goals.

8. Idaho Travel Council Grants

These grants support nonprofit organizations promoting Idaho’s travel and tourism assets. If your business operates in the tourism sector, consider applying.


  • Nonprofit organizations with tourism-related initiatives.
  • Projects that boost tourism and showcase Idaho’s attractions.

9. Idaho Opportunity Fund (IOF)

The IOF serves as a “deal-closing fund” to enhance Idaho’s competitiveness. It supports business expansion, job creation, and economic development.


  • Businesses seeking to expand or relocate to Idaho.
  • Projects that demonstrate a positive impact on the state’s economy.

Therefore, the world of grants can be overwhelming, but with the right information and strategic planning, you can unlock opportunities for your small business.

So, remember to thoroughly research each grant program, understand the application process, and tailor your proposals to meet specific criteria.

Finally, Idaho’s commitment to supporting small businesses ensures that you have the tools you need to thrive. Good luck on your entrepreneurial journey!

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