Utah Small Business Grants: An Overview

In Utah, small businesses are the backbone of economic vitality, fostering innovation, and strengthening local communities. So, to empower these enterprises, an array of Utah small business grants and funding opportunities is available, tailored to meet their diverse needs and aspirations.

Utah Small Business Grants
In Utah, small businesses are the backbone of economic vitality, fostering innovation, and strengthening local communities.


Federal Programs

These include:

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program

The SBIR program stands as a beacon of federal support, catalyzing technological advancement and commercialization of groundbreaking research and development (R&D) projects.

Therefore, Utah-based small businesses can leverage SBIR grants to spearhead R&D initiatives aligned with federal agency priorities, driving product innovation and market expansion.

Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Program

STTR program complements SBIR, fostering small business and research institution collaboration for tech transfer.

Utah small businesses can tap into STTR to access invaluable research expertise, accelerating technology commercialization efforts and fueling innovation.

State Grants

These include:

The Shop In Utah Program

Amid economic challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Shop In Utah Program provides crucial support to local businesses. This grant initiative offers financial assistance to mitigate losses, bolster online presence, and adapt to evolving consumer trends, ensuring the vibrancy of Utah’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Rural Community Opportunity Grant (RCOG)

The RCOG program aims to stimulate prosperity in underserved areas across Utah, supporting infrastructure enhancements and workforce development initiatives.

By investing in the economic potential of rural Utah, RCOG fosters sustainable growth and enhances the quality of life, promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.

Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity’s grants

The RFT program ignites entrepreneurship and innovation in rural Utah, providing financial resources to fledgling businesses in underserved areas.

By facilitating access to capital and support services, RFT accelerates job creation, promotes economic diversification, and cultivates a conducive environment for business growth and success.

COVID-19 Relief Grants

These include:

Small Business Employee Vaccination Grant

To combat the pandemic, Utah offers the Small Business Employee Vaccination Grant, incentivizing vaccination among employees. Eligible businesses can get reimbursed for COVID-19 vaccination appointment expenses, prioritizing staff health

Small Business Quarantined Employee Grant

Amid disruptions, the Small Business Quarantined Employee Grant supports businesses with employee quarantine requirements.

Therefore, this grant program eases the financial strain on small businesses by providing assistance for associated expenses. It aims to ensure that these businesses can maintain uninterrupted operations during difficult periods.

Resources for Small Businesses

Utah small business owners can find grants and funding resources on the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity’s grants page and the Utah Small Business Credit Initiative page.

So, by consistently keeping an eye on these platforms, businesses stay updated on new offerings, eligibility criteria, and application procedures. This helps them seize relevant opportunities for sustainable growth and prosperity.

In conclusion, Utah’s small businesses are poised to thrive amidst diverse grants and funding opportunities. Small business owners in Utah can grow, hire, and boost the economy using federal programs, state grants, and COVID-19 relief.

Stay informed, seize opportunities, and embark on a journey of success with Utah’s dynamic array of grants and funding resources.

This guide underscores the myriad opportunities available to Utah’s small businesses, ensuring they are equipped to thrive and contribute to the state’s economic landscape.

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